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SEO services

Online gambling companies must achieve first page search results in order to be competitive. SEO for online gambling companies is very specialized. Content and website design must be synchronized with customer acquisition and retention. Online gambling operators must establish a position in the industry to meet the needs of their customers. We develop relevant links to your site to improve your rankings and bring you customers.

Social media marketing services

In recent years, the gambling industry has started using social media marketing. Mayra Publications develops creative social media marketing strategies that will bring customers to your business. Here are some of the social media platforms that we utilize:


Facebook is the widely used social media platform for gambling casinos. Casino operators often post contest opportunities on Facebook.  Sometimes other Facebook users create their own content and this helps to build the gambling brand’s presence. Click here to read a full article about Crypto trading & online casino advertisements on Facebook.


Online casino operators are able to interact with their users on Twitter without being overly promotional. Since they now understand the use of Twitter, gambling companies are devising content that is interesting and valuable to their customers. This helps them build a strong connection with their customers.


You can create videos on YouTube that reach your target audience. Videos on YouTube help guide more traffic to their website.

By interacting consistently with their clients, gambling company operators are providing continuous customer service. They are keeping an eye on the social media sites and monitoring both positive and negative comments. This ensures relationship building with customers. It helps build an online presence and strengthens customer interactions.


Using social media analytics, gambling companies like our client Mega Fortune are able to interpret their audience’s messages and feedback into meaningful data. Since analytics can provide valuable insights into what makes their target audience happier, the gambling industry use it to inform their content strategy.

With the use of multi-channel and cross device digital marketing strategies, the gambling industry aims to attract new users and convert potential ones. Device penetration, reaching target demographics, legal barriers and technical challenges are some of the obstacles that the gambling industry deals with.

Website development

We will audit your current social media attempts and we will deliver a strategy document to provide your company with a way to improve your social media efforts.

This is a non-sophisticated process that has nevertheless produced excellent results for many online organizations. .

Content Marketing

We help develop good content. Good content draws customers. Online casino operators need content that highlights their social intelligence and their unique persona. Our copywriters can disseminate content to social media sites, casino review websites and other social outlets.

By assimilating content marketing into their business strategy, many online gaming companies have been able to achieve long term growth.

Our online marketing services will help you get more customers and retain your current clientele.

We make your content better by updating it, making it more comprehensive and more visually appealing; we then promote that content directly to people who would be interested. You will then have content that is ready to be shared with the public.

When auditing your social media efforts, we take a careful look at your customers, your social media content, and your current promotions.

SEO for online gaming is very specialized. Our company can help improve your rankings and bring you customers.