Crypto trading and online casino advertisements on Facebook

Traditional advertisements had to make way for digital advertising campaigns on social media channels like Facebook. Now, Facebook is not only providing personal profiles and sharing possibilities, but they also grown in to a big, commercial, virtual market. The way that marketing and advertising now works in our current society, is far different than it ever used to be. Terms like viral marketing and influencer are now common ways of business strategies. However, platforms like Facebook does not allowed all kinds of advertisement. By publishing their advertisement regulations, Facebook would like the world to know that not everything can be accepted.

Facebook will not allow advertisements that will promote the online gambling industry, because of the sensitivity and legal issues of this business. The platform will refuse any casino-related ads, but will allow online casino business to have their own business profile. On the question about publishing online casino ads on Facebook, they replied that Ads that promote or facilitate online real money gambling, real money games of skill or real money lotteries, including online real money casinos, sports books, bingo, or poker, are only allowed with prior written permission. Also, the ads should target people 18 years or older and many other conditions would apply. In order to apply for permission, Facebook is also asking for your gambling license and legal memo. If you are really interested in advertising your online casino, first consider if this entire process can actually help your business.

If you are running an online casino, you have to change your marketing strategies in order to reach new followers. A lot of followers and potential clients are gained by advertisement, which makes it hard for operators and casino-related companies to sell their services. How will they do it? You might ask yourself. By showing your engagement and involvement in this business, you can create a visible appearance. By replying on others, you can increase the chance in being noticed. Make your online presence relevant for others, start with interaction and you will see things will change. This is just an example of an alternative marketing strategy, if the other ones are not an option.

If Facebook does not allow online and land-based casinos to advertise, will they allow businesses who are active in the crypto trading? Facebook had made clear that crypto trading advertisements were banned, since they were misleading and could affect readers in a negative way. Together with the online casino industry and other banned businesses, crypto currency had to deal their own marketing. June this year, Facebook announced that they will now allow crypto trading businesses to advertise again. What changed this policy is not clear yet, but news is spreading that Facebook is interested in developing their own crypto coin. Perhaps Facebook realized that they could make a better profit by allowing this industry. Facebook didn’t explained anything about their abrupt policy changes and that means that crypto trading business are still allowed to advertise their services and products. If you are interested in an advertising consult, Mayra Publications would gladly like to help your business.